What is Data Merge?

The Data Merge feature of the Concord and Magenta Suites allows you to customize each form with information from a data file.  The data file can be easily created from any spreadsheet or database file that already exists using the “Save As” or “Export” function.  You can, of course, create your data file by hand but that is usually a lot more work than exporting the data from an existing database or spreadsheet.  One form is printed for each data record in the data file.  Examples of custom data that are printed on scan forms are Student ID numbers and names for student forms, Workshop ID numbers and names for workshop evaluation forms, teacher information on teacher forms, etc. 

Many years of experience have shown that any information that can be prefilled out by the computer will be much more accurate than having the person filling out the form complete the data fields.  More accurate data means more accurate reports and data files created from the scanned forms.

The Data Merge feature can Pre-print information and Pre-slug (filling or slugging in a bubble grid) information.  Pre-slugged information can be scanned in using the bubble grid.  In the Concord Suite, pre-printed information can be scanned using an OCR field as well.

Data Merge can also pre-slug binary bubble fields, AKA lithocodes, and serial numbers that can be scanned in when scanning the forms.

Another important feature is the “Number of Copies” ability of Data Merge that allows you to print more than one copy of a form for each data record in your data file.  For example, if you are giving a conference and you have 50 workshops and you want to give each participant an evaluation form that has the correct workshop title and ID number printed on it.  Usually, you know the number of attendees who have signed up for each session.  You can add that number in a data field to each workshop data record and Data Merge will print the correct “Number of Copies” for each of the 50 workshops.

One important point to remember is that the Data Merge process can be completed while printing forms designed in Concord or Magenta so a second pass through the printer is not required.

If you need the Data Merge feature only for scannable forms that have already been printed, our SlugIT Data Merge program serves that purpose.

For more information about the Data Merge feature of the Concord and Magenta Suites or the SlugIT program, please call 800-455-2559 or click here for our Data Merge web page.

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