What is a bubble form and what can you do with it?

What is a bubble form and what can you do with them?

A bubble form has circles, ovals or squares on it that are filled in by the target audience.  The forms and scanners are used to collect a large variety of data and to speed up the entry of that data into the computer.  The alternative to using bubble forms is hand entering the data into the computer which is very slow and time consuming.  The oldest and most traditional type of bubble forms are scantron forms or scantron sheets that require specialized OMR readers/scanners.  The forms have little black marks down one side of the form that are known as Timing Marks.   The newest type of bubble forms use a page/desktop/image scanner to scan the forms and have more capabilities than just scanning bubbles.  A page scanner and the proper software can be used to scan barcodes, QPR codes, machine printed OCR text and image regions including hand written areas that can be printed on a report.  Scantron sheet is a term that has become almost synonymous with any machine-readable bubble form used for electronic optical mark recognition data collection. As Kleenex is to tissue, scantron sheet is to scan form, OMR form, bubble form, bubble sheet, data collection form, etc.!

How are scantron sheets used?

In tandem with a page scanner or an optical mark scanner (OMR reader), scantron sheets have many uses. Education, business and government have all come to depend on them for speed and accuracy in data collection.  Some common applications are:  community and consumer surveys, session evaluations, questionnaires, forms to track inventory and sales, course or teacher evaluations, plant safety cards, voting forms, tests, answers sheets, assessments and many others.

Once scan forms are filled out (i.e. the bubbles are marked), they are then read by either a page scanner or OMR scanner/reader using DATA BLOCKS' Concord Suite (for use with page scanners) or Magenta Suite (for use with OMR readers) software especially designed for electronic, machine-readable data capture.   hings you can do with your scanned data include scoring, reporting, analysis, and exporting to many different data file formats like Excel and SPSS for more detailed analysis.


How can DATA BLOCKS help me create my own custom scan form?

DATA BLOCKS has the complete low cost-time saving solutions to your data collection needs, no matter whether you want to use a page scanner (use Concord Suite) or an OMR reader/scanner (use Magenta Suite).

Yes, you may design and print your own scantron sheets in-house for EITHER a page scanner or OMR scanner/reader!

I want to create my own plain paper bubble forms, use a page scanner and learn more about Concord Suite.

I want to create my own OMR scantron sheets, use an OMR scanner and learn more about Magenta Suite

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