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Create, Merge Data, and Print Your Own Scantron Sheet

Save yourself time and money by creating, merging data, and printing a scantron sheet right at your own computer! No more sending your form specifications to the printer, waiting for the printed forms, and paying someone else a lot of money to do the work.

Discover that you need changes to the scantron sheet and a deadline is looming? No need to stress out. Do them yourself in-house using DATA BLOCKS software and save more time, money and added stress. You can be in control of the entire process.

If you have or want to get an OMR (optical mark reader), then Magenta software is just right for you. Or, if you have or want to get an image scanner, we have Concord software that fits the bill.
Magenta for OMR readers
Concord for image scanners

Scan, Analyze Data, Generate Reports, Export to Many File Formats

What if you want to do more than generate scantron sheets? DATA BLOCKS provides software tailored specifically to Remark® scanning, analysis, reporting, and exporting software—Magenta Suite—which is Magenta and our Data Merge bundled with Remark Classic OMR® software for optical mark readers.

Concord Suite does the same thing when you want to use an image scanner. It comes with Concord, Data Merge and Remark Office OMR® software.
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Create a Web Survey Form

An added benefit is that you can take the scan template generated from either Magenta Suite or Concord Suite and convert it into a web-based survey form—using Remark Web Survey® software—with the click of a mouse. Customize it, post it on your own web site (no extra hosting fees), retrieve the data via automatic download or have submissions emailed to you, analyze the data instantly or export it.
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Try it out yourself!

Download a demo for a 30-day free trial, and design and print a scantron sheet you create from scratch. This way, you may get an idea of what you can do in-house to save yourself some time, money, and added stress!

Downloads available for:
  • demos of Magenta, Concord, Remark Classic OMR®, Remark Office OMR®, and Remark Web Survey® software.
  • demo manuals for Magenta and Concord.
  • information about Remark software
Download demo, demo manual, literature
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