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Remark Classic OMR®  software from Gravic, Inc. scans and processes data from survey forms, tests and many other types of scannable forms. The software, combined with an OMR reader, recognizes filled-in optical marks (bubbles) on scantron forms, which automates the data collection process. By integrating Remark Classic OMR®  into the Magenta Suite, DATA BLOCKS makes it possible to automatically define scantron forms designed in the Magenta Forms Designer  for scanning.

In other words, the Magenta Forms Designer automatically creates the scan template that Remark Classic OMR®  needs to scan your form. This step saves a lot of extra work.  Defaults automatically determine edit characteristics to check for multiple marks, etc.  When necessary, these default settings may be overridden from within the Remark Classic OMR Template Editor.

Once the scan fields have been defined in Magenta, the information is sent automatically to Remark Classic OMR® through the scan template and scanning can be done directly from within  Magenta.

Reading Forms

Remark Classic OMR®  software, with a supported OMR reader, reads and processes your survey forms or test forms and recognizes data from OMR fields (bubble fields). The scanned data are displayed in a spreadsheet-style data display and built-in exception handling locates problem cells with color codes and allows you to correct or verify any incorrectly marked forms if someone fills in two marks for a question, or fails to answer a question. The OMR scanner optional equipment barcode reader, transport printer and reject stacker are also supported.

Data Export

Once your scantron forms have been read and processed, you can save the data to one of over 30 different data file formats for use with virtually any analysis package (such as SPSS, Access, Excel or several generic data file formats). You can even save your data to an HTML format for publishing on the Internet or your Intranet.

Data Collection and Response Tabulation

Remark Classic OMR®  includes Remark Quick Stats®  for data analysis, which allows you to tally surveys or grade tests. You can tabulate your survey and then run reports such as an item analysis, item statistics or crosstabs to view your results. For testing, you can automatically grade them or specify a more complicated scoring algorithm that can include an answer key, different point values for different questions, learning objects or subtests, alternate grade scales and a scaled score.  You can produce graphs and statistics in reports for frequency distribution, item analysis, student scores and numerous other test statistics. Student grade reports for each student can also be created, which can be printed and handed back to the student. This report can include an image of the scanned test form. Grade data can be exported to a variety of learning management systems, student management systems and gradebooks using a number of different export formats.

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