Data Merge customizes your forms with variable data

Data Merge graphic


Data Merge Option

The Data Merge option for Magenta or Concord provides the ability to define areas of an OMR form or plain paper form that use variable data. The form can be printed and customized in one pass. 

It can be also be used as slugger software for pre-printed forms. You have the ability to pre-print text fields (including barcodes) and pre-slug bubble fields. When you purchase the Data Merge option, it is integrated into  Concord Suite and Magenta Suite
With Data Merge, a field can be specified as:
  • Preslug only (Bubbles only)
  • Preprint only (Text Field only)
  • Print and Slug (Text and Bubbles)
  • Binary (Bubbles only)
  • Binary coded decimal (BCD) (Bubbles only)
  • Lithocode
  • Barcode
This means that data of any type can be placed anywhere on the scan form, including barcodes.


  • Uses fixed length, comma delimited, or tab delimited ASCII records.
  • Allows portrait and landscape orientated data on either portrait or landscape forms.
  • Performs serial numbering for lithocoding.
  • Can specify the low order position of Binary fields to be in either direction.
  • Uses a single line entry for multiple identical lines (used in rosters and grade sheets).
  • Can be used with virtually any existing scan form.
  • Can be used with a Magenta bubble form, a Concord scan form, or an existing preprinted OMR form.