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Concord sample survey form

Concord Suite is a complete software scanning package for use with page scanners like the one in the picture to the right.  With the Concord Suite  and a page scanner, you have a complete scanning system - you don't need any other software or hardware. 

The Concord Suite includes the  Concord Forms Designer for the design of plain paper bubble scantron forms that are scannable on any page scanner or multi-function device (MFP), Data Merge for adding variable data to forms and the Remark Office OMR® for scanning, reporting and exporting data. Page scanners are also known as page, document and desktop scanners.

The Concord Forms Designer software has the EZ Form Design Wizard that will generate a form for you in minutes rather than hours. EZ Form is so easy to use, you will think Concord is doing the work for you because it is. You have never used a forms design tool as easy to use as this one. With a few clicks and some cutting and pasting from a word processor, you have a survey or test data collection form. You can also modify your forms easily and as often as needed.

In education, Concord helps districts to develop new survey forms, course requests, course evaluations, grade sheets, attendance sheets and testing or assessment forms. In other industries,  Concord makes it possible to create bubble forms for evaluations, surveys, questionnaires, employee training tests,  time and attendance, customer polls, inventory and sales tracking, customer/employee satisfaction, medical patient encounter forms, manufacturing plant safety cards or any other type of data collection.

Fujitsu Page Scanner

The Concord Suite for page scanners gives you the following capabilities:

  • Create plain paper forms that can be used for evaluations, surveys, questionnaires, tests, assessment, course requests, course evaluations, grade sheets, time and attendance, customer polls, inventory and sales tracking, customer/employee satisfaction, medical patient encounter forms, manufacturing plant safety cards or any other type of data collection
  • Scan the forms on almost any page scanner from companies like Fujitsu, Canon, Panasonic, HP, etc. and large Multi-function Devices (MFP) that do printing, copying and scanning
  • Print the forms on your computer printer and customize them while they are being printed with information from a data file (Data Merge feature)
  • Edit the scanned data using the image viewer to view the actual form that was scanned
  • Export the data to other software like Excel, Access and SPSS
  • Score Tests or Analyze Surveys (Quick & Easy or Customized Analysis)
  • Produce survey and test scoring reports

Concord plain paper form design features:

  • EZ Form Design wizard will create your form for you
  • Data Merge feature allows pre-printing and pre-slugging of variable data on forms
  • Creates color or black & white forms
  • Portrait or Landscape forms
  • One-sided or two-sided forms
  • Almost any paper size
  • Use logos and graphics to make the form look professional
  • Add Lines, Boxes and Shading for readability
  • Cut and paste from form to form to maximize previous work
  • Cut and paste from word processing and other documents
  • Automatic numbering of questions (question text or bubble fields)
  • Individual orientation of text for landscape and portrait scan forms
  • Multi-language spell checker
  • Text box capability includes 2 byte language fonts
  • Shows needed white space around bubbles so the form will scan properly
  • Special characters can be created inside bubbles for clarity

Concord/Remark® scanning, reporting, & exporting software interface

  • Concord automatically creates the scan template for scanning forms with Remark Office OMR®
  • Can be used with almost any page scanner including large scanner/copier/printer devices (MFP)
  • Processes single and double-sided forms
  • Reads circles, ovals or checkboxes
  • Scans computer printed OCR text
  • Reads barcodes of all types including QR codes
  • Allows the capture of hand written data as image clips that can be printed as a report
  • Allows input field types for data entry of handwritten data within the software
  • Has an Image Viewer to see the actual scanned form for easy error correction
  • Eliminates pre-sorting of forms with automatic form identification feature
  • Validates information with database verification and database linking
  • Produces customizable graphs of grade/tally results and statistics
  • Exports test grades directly to grade book packages
  • Saves data to more than 35 native file formats including SPSS, Access and Excel