I have created my new form in Concord or Magenta, Now what?

Here's what to do next once you have designed your form in the Concord or Magenta Forms Designer.
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What is the easiest way to create a new form in the Concord or Magenta Forms Designer?

The quickest and easiest way to generate a new scan form is using the EZ Form Design Wizard.  This tool is a bubble sheet generator that designs printable answer sheets and survey sheets.  EZ Form will do the work of form creation for you.  All you need to do is click on some check boxes and fill in the questions and answers for your survey or answer sheets.  The wizard has a tab for the form parameters:  Form Color, Form Font, Response Shape, Form Orientation, Paper Size and Number of Sides.  There are also tabs for top, bottom and body (middle) of the form.  The 3 tabs, Multiple Choice Questions, Likert Style Questions and Test Responses, allow you to add your questions to the body of the form.  The questions, answers and instructions entry boxes can be filled in using cut and paste from a Word or other document type.  Once you click the “OK” button, the form is generated for you.

After the form is generated, you can go back into the wizard and make changes to the form as many times as you need to get the form looking the way you want it.   EZ Form can design survey forms,  evaluation forms and test answer sheets very quickly and easily.

Of course, forms can be created in the full forms designer of Concord or Magenta by using all the various tools on the Tools Menu, but we are talking about the quickest and easiest method of designing a new form here.  Also, once EZ Form has generated your form, it is placed in the full forms designer and you can make customized changes to the form there if needed.  One caveat is that once you make custom changes to the form, those changes would be erased if you go back into the EZ Form Design Wizard because the form gets re-generated each time you exit the wizard.   If you go into the wizard by mistake after making custom changes, you can click the “Cancel” button and your changes would not be erased – just don’t click the “OK” button!

Both the Concord Suite and Magenta Suite have the EZ Form Design Wizard tool as part of the software; just click on File/EZ Form Design Wizard to get started.

So, if you want to create your own plain paper bubble forms, learn more about Concord Suite.

If you want to create your own OMR scantron sheets, learn more about Magenta Suite.

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OMR versus Plain Paper (Image) Scanning – which one is best for your project or application?

Concord Suite – Plain Paper Forms Complete Software Package or Magenta Suite – OMR Forms Complete Software Package
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Are paper bubble forms still relevant for survey and course or instructor evaluation data collection?

The short answer is "Yes" and if you would like to hear the long answer which is also "Yes", read on!
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What is a bubble form and what can you do with it?

A bubble form has circles, ovals or squares on it that are filled in by the target audience. The forms and scanners are used to collect a large variety of data and to speed up the entry of that data into the computer.
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